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Our Culture

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Our number one core value is to:

Be the


We believe that real estate should provide for our family while we smile, dial, have fun and personally develop. 


Our purpose is to attract the right clients, so we are flowing in a state of abundance. 


Our goal is to develop agents who want to have a personality brand so they can help their clients buy and sell real estate. 


Our vision is to have a team spirit full of energy and fun in a place where people can grow personally and professionally.


Our mission is to create our story every day by following up and personally developing through fearlessness, patience and our values.

Our Mindset




Treat your space, clients and life with integrity even when no one is looking, as you would your home.



Get things done no matter what it takes and get to the point of creating more opportunity.



Momentum brings more momentum- other people give us energy so we want to be at the office. 



When you fulfill your commitments, you gain energy and energy is momentum.



Grow and respect yourself, respect others and help others grow.



Creativity leads to financial security through independence and personal success. Have fun and be creative. 



When you visualize it, it will happen. When you put the time in, it will happen. In order to create something new, it takes both vision and time.  

Why Join Us?


We have more leads than we can handle and database filled with excited people ready to make buying decisions as well as investors and developers ready to take on their next project!

Proven Results

Brand new agents have gone from making $0 dollars to making over $150,000 in 9 months. When you come ready to work, we give you work to thrive with. Our collaborative and exciting environment gets everyone excited for the next deal!

Marketing is Key

No one knows marketing like Maria Quattrone and Associates! We reach hundreds of thousands of people PER MONTH and have cracked the code to understanding what is happening in the marketing space. We believe in full transparency and sharing our model so that you can replicate our success in your real estate business.


We strive to give the best experience to our clients and to our agents. We believe in training agents to work on their strengths and lead through our values to be problem solvers in every occurrence. When you join Maria Quattrone and Associates you have a whole team on your side assisting with every step of the transaction so you can continue to go out and get DEALS.

Life-Long Career

Our vision of every agent coming into our team is for them to stay long-term and grow in the team until they are ready to retire. We are a family and we work together just in that way. We grow with mentoring, coaching, personal development, and REAL ESTATE. This career is a lifestyle!

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