May ’21 Market Update – Philly Metro

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The Philadelphia May Market Update for 2021! It sure has been busy!
🤔 I do want to make sure you know what is true and not true…
You may be hearing that everything is selling and all properties have multiple offers…that just is not FULLY true. Don’t get me wrong. Some properties are getting multiple offers, but not EVERY property.
👩🏻‍🏫 The most imporant thing is that you have a strategy with an EXPERT realtor who knows exactly what to do. If you are thinking about selling, reach out and have a conversation with us FIRST so we can guide you in the perfect direction to get not only a high value for your house, but the information needed for the future as well.

There is limited inventory which is creating a very high demand in combination with the low interest rates. HOWEVER, as soon as that changes, there will be a turn in the market. So if you are on the fence, get off of it because NOW is the time.
We are in a seller’s market right now. We are in 1-2 and 2-3 month inventory counts in most areas.
This is the tale of two markets and…
✅Absorption Rates
…are the THREE most important factors when working with anyone in real estate.
We are coming out of a crazy year and we are becoming more normalized. The inventory is coming… I can promise you that. I am blessed and grateful to serve you in this career and if you have ANY questions please let me know at 215-607-3535

✨ Our number one core value at MQA is to Be the Solution!

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