Real Estate Rockstars Interview

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Philadelphia’s real estate market [1:55]
  • What will save downtown real estate [7:48]
  • Maria’s start in real estate [9:12]
  • Maria’s real estate team [14:27]
  • What Maria did when real estate was deemed non-essential in PA [20:44]
  • Maria’s sales stats for 2020 [24:41]
  • Why Maria doesn’t believe in the independent brokerage model [26:37]
  • Maria’s “Blue Box” strategy for winning new clients [30:20]
  • Advice on building a brand [33:33]
  • Maria’s advice for new agents [36:00]
  • How Maria turned the uncertainty of 2020 into motivation [38:03]
  • Maria’s advice for getting offers accepted in 2021 [44:47]
  • Why Maria loves Follow Up Boss [46:46]
  • How to reach out to Maria [49:52]
  • Maria’s final words for listeners [51:31]

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