5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Selling Market

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I’m going to share with you 5 ways to get your home ready for the spring selling market.

✅  I want you to de-clutter the house. What does that mean? That means, for example, your closets should have 30% space available. So, if a buyer sees a closet full of clothes, or towels, or anything else, they then automatically think the home does not have enough storage. Buyers buy homes based on ample storage. It’s one of the key things that they want. They may not 100% say it, but when the home doesn’t have it, they 100% say it’s a reason why they’re not going to buy. So declutter. Decluttering is the number one thing that you want to do. So, if you have to rent a storage unit, go rent a storage unit.

 You can get a pod, go rent a pod. But you’re going to want to declutter each and every room as much as possible. And you know what? If you don’t use it and you don’t need it, get rid of it. We all have way too much crap. So get rid of the crap, because you don’t want to take it to the new house anyway. You want to start to declutter. And this process, you should start at least 60 days before you want to get the house on the market because it takes time and energy to declutter. But I say, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

 All right.

✅ Do a deep clean. Most people do not deep clean their house enough. So I’m not going to tell you how to deep clean. I’m going to tell you this, hire a cleaner to deep clean your house. It’s way too much to do for a seller on their own. There are so many other things going on right now. You can hire a cleaner to come and clean it. It’s worth its weight in gold because buyers like to see clean and shiny and sparkling and not dust in the corners. Because that says to them what other things didn’t the seller take care of if they’re not even cleaning up the dust in the corners.

✅ Paint your front door. First impressions are everything. So painting the front door gives it a nice little pop. Whether it’s the same color paint or something to give it a pop. And then also you want to get seasonal flowers. So whatever’s seasonal, you want to be able to get that and to make a nice presentation because curb appeal is everything when selling a home. The other thing that you have to remember that pictures are worth a thousand words. So this picture is going to be one of the ways, that first picture, we’re going to capture the buyer’s attention.

✅ Get a pre-inspection. What is a pre-inspection? A home inspector can come in and say, “Here’s some of the deferred maintenance on the property. You might need to get a coating on the roof.” You can, as a seller, decide to do that now, or just know that when we’re pricing the home, that we can include that in the pricing. Knowing that yes, we do have to get a new roof or we have to get a coating on the roof, or that the fireplaces need to be cleaned or whatever it is. This way we know upfront, we can negotiate that upfront into our price, or you can choose to fix it. So you have choices instead of after the fact, when you really don’t have choices at that point, always be knowing. Knowledge is power, being in control is power.

✅ Call me for a pinpoint price analysis. What is a pinpoint price analysis? That is when I’m going to tell you exactly the price, that this property, house, investment property is going to sell at. So I will come by, I’ll do a walkthrough, I will analyze everything, and what I look at is… I look at what the pending’s are because that’s happening now. And I look at what the competition is, and I’m going to look at your house. I’m going to analyze the square feet, I’m going to analyze location. I’m going to analyze where it sits on the block.

💥 These are all things that are very, very important. And pricing strategically is what’s going to net you the seller the most money possible.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 tips to get your house ready for the spring market. You can give me a call any time at the office or on my cell, 215-607-3535. I’m happy to get with you right away.

💲 I look forward to it. I look forward to the spring and let’s go and get the house ready to sell. Make it a great day!

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