Our #1 Core Value at MQA is to be the Solution!

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🤦 You want to give up, this is a feeling that everybody has had, and I mean, everybody.
And I can tell you that every single person that has ever lived wants to give up at some point in time. What’s important about that is that we take a pause, a moment to reflect, maybe even a step back, and analyze what’s going on. I, even myself, over many, many times, have wanted to quit. I was mad, angry, stubborn, annoyed, frustrated, all of those things, but I will tell you this, you will never win if you give up.

🐴  And it’s okay to be resolved too, “I’m taking a moment, a moment to do nothing, a moment to step back, reevaluate, and then start running again.” So it’s something that we all struggle with. It is just called being human.
We all, at one point, want to give up, but the important part of this is that you don’t, is that you get back up, get back up on that damn horse, and keep on going, because eventually, eventually, you will get to where you want to go.
The important part of all this, and this is the really important part, is that along the way, you must enjoy the journey. And it’s okay to have a couple of rough patches where you fall off the horse. And as long as you get back up and you’re on that horse and going through the fields and you’re enjoying everything that happens every day along the path, that’s really what it’s all about.

☎️  So get back up, enjoy the journey, and don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever quit. Call me if you need some help, because sometimes I need some help too. I need support. I need people to support me, so I’m here to support you. As a number one core value here at MQA is to be the solution, and this week I welcome Rob Golfi. I am so excited to have Rob. He is an excellent team leader and I can’t wait to talk to him Wednesday at 8:30.

🌟 If you liked my video, add my email, just drop me a, “Hey, how you doing? I like it.” Or if you don’t, say, “Hey, it stinks. I don’t like it.” I appreciate any and all feedback. And remember, our number one core value at MQA is to be the solution. I wish you all a fantastic week. Thank you for watching. 

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