Is Complacency Killing Your MOJO?

Watch Interview below:

Is complacency killing your mojo? 🚫 Here’s 🔟 great tips to get your mojo BACK!

✅ Write down what it is that you want and what you’re willing to do to get it
✅ STOP over committing. Saying yes to everybody is a sure way to burn out
✅ Be grateful and to show gratitude (this is really important!)
✅ Keep your head up and be resilient
✅ Practice positive self talk…what we want, we need to project out into the universe
✅ Set yourself up for small wins. Make little tiny goals and then check them off
✅ Be true to YOU. That means honoring your own commitments and accepting those things about you that maybe you don’t like
✅ Get some sun! We’re going to have a great week in Philadelphia, take advantage of this beautiful weather!
✅ Feed your soul. Listen to some cool music, go to a museum, whatever you need to do to re-energize yourself
✅ Smile! It’s impossible not to feel good if you smile 😀
⭐ This week, we have Karen Briscoe on Be the Solution on Wednesday at 8:30 AM. I look forward to seeing you then!

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