Time to Declutter! Clear Your Life & Open Your Mind

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🚫 I just want to talk about clutter and how I didn’t want to get rid of anything. I didn’t want to get rid of anything because I was afraid I was going to miss it, or I was going to throw out the wrong thing.

❗ A few weeks ago I came in on a Saturday to my office and I spent, I don’t know, a good part of the day literally throwing things away, scanning other things, getting rid of all the clutter. And it has made, oh my gosh, such a world of difference in my brain. I feel like I have more energy by just getting rid of the stuff that was surrounding me. And it wasn’t a major big mess, but it wasn’t enough that it irritated me on a daily basis.

👗 Then last weekend, I got up on Sunday morning. I said, “Okay, after breakfast,” I’m like, “We’re accomplishing the clothes and the closet.” So I organized the closet. Now it’s not perfect, but I got a lot of things in the place where they needed to be. Things that were in the wrong place, some of them I got rid of. I’m actually starting to purge some of the clutter. Some of it, you think you’re going to wear. Am I going to wear this again? I haven’t worn it in two years. What makes me think I’m going to wear it again?

🎧 We have to be able to release that so we can clear our head, clear our mind, be prepared to deal with the feelings of I say FOMO, fear of missing out, of throwing something away. It’s real and it exists, but know that once you set yourself up for, okay, I’m going to do this and just time block it.I said I’m going to do this for two hours. And for two hours, I just focused on it. And you know what I did, I put my headset on, my Bose headset, and I listened to podcasts. And the time just flew by. I got it accomplished. I hit my goal.

✅ And when we get things accomplished and we hit our goal, we feel good. And getting rid of the clutter makes us feel even better. So that is my thought for today. Get the heck rid of the clutter. Clear your life and open up your life and your mind. Thanks for listening and make it a great, great week.

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